Small is Relative

tinyshopTangiersIf you’ve visited Homebody at our brick-and-mortar location, you know we have a diminutive space. And that’s fine with us–it’s less room to fill, clean, and pay for; plus, it works pretty nicely with a certain word in our tagline!

But space is always relative, isn’t it? While on a walking tour in Tangiers, Morocco, in April, we had to stop and take at least one photo of one of the micro-shops/studios we saw. I recall that the interior of this mini-grocery extended only a few feet to the back, so you’re pretty much seeing almost all of the shop right here. This is how many locals in these maze-like streets live and work. So really, our shop isn’t so small. But it’s definitely cozy!

5 thoughts on “Small is Relative

    • I really liked the home-town chatty atmosphere from the shop owners who had just arrived back in the U.S. After 12 years in Japan and Germany.


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