The Homebody Aesthetic:

It’s not about the latest trends, though the occasional trendy item is certainly welcome if it speaks to you.

It’s about the rustic, the whimsical, the found, the collected.

It’s creative and freeing, because there are no design “rules.”

It’s a willingness to be open and imaginative–and to allow for imperfection.

It can be a little bit rock-star cool and also a little country-cozy–at the same time.

It happens over time; it’s better to find a few items you love rather than to start with matched sets.

It’s not museum-like; it’s not a period piece.

It’s a bit wild, but it also feels safe.

It’s spirited, fluid, layered, resourceful.

It’s natural, hand-made, and well-made.

It’s experimental but also warmed by family tradition and nostalgia.

It’s not minimalist, nor is it cluttered with mass-market items that won’t have long-term appeal.

It’s about putting what you love on display rather than hiding it away or being worried that  something won’t “fit in.”

It’s a place to work and play, in an atmosphere of inspiration and comfort. It’s about feeling free to make and to chill.

It’s never “finished,” because your home is a living, breathing space.

It’s about telling a story–your story. 

Love where you live–be a homebody!